Friday, November 28, 2014

DX or FX?

Kudos to for explaining that there are exactly no loss of megapixels between a DX and a FX format lens given that the image in FX is resized to the same size as that of a DX. What it really means to me is that I do not have to retire my DX lens but instead capitalise on the 1.5 crop factor in the DX telephoto lens and get more closer to the subject. All this while I have mistakenly assumed that a DX lens gives less megapixels. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

It has been some time. That is about waiting for the catalyst to activate my writing. After the second book, "Karma's Servants", the mind has gone empty, like an empty room without windows and furniture. From where I stand, I cannot see anything, because there is no window to look out of. And it's been four months. Karma's Servants was seeded from Bali. Perhaps, I will need to travel again. Kyrgyzstan maybe? I can hear its distant call. Walking along its train tracks near Issykul would probably provide that seed. I need the seed, to plant in the ground. I really don't know what will come next. Maybe I don't really care.