Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sigma 10-20mm

The next target of acquisition will definitely be the Sigma 10-20mm HSM lens, which I have tried at dSLR just now It has been rated above average, being awarded the TIPA award for best consumer lens. Putting that aside, it was the sharpness of the lens and the afford ability of it that touched the button of hope and wanting. Nikon lens would cost double the price and it will be a detrimental and visible dent on my wealth level if I purchase a Nikon lens instead of the Sigma. The right price must be below the emotional level of wanting. If not, the spirit is susceptible and vulnerable to regrets.

I know I can be exceptionally creative with the lens, especially on landscapes but also on making interesting viewpoints from mundane objects. DSLR put a price of RM 2, 400 but Yamiya has offered it at RM 2,095. Whatever the price, the cash is not immediately available, (though I could surreptitiously go to the bank and withdraw). No, I would rather have it with new money. That should be the game, I am telling myself that.

If the ambition is strong enough, sufficient enough, I must be creative to look for new funds, new sources. The new must be matched with the new. Only then, can I be happy in not utilising the current resources. The mind must be frantic enough, something has to happen to make this purchase happen. Soon. This Sigma lens must be mine.